How to Stay Safe When You Are Running

January 17, 2017

There's a number of great races around the world in or around big cities. From the Laugavegur Ultra in Iceland to the scenic surrounds of Boston Marathon qualifier, the Rockland State Marathon in upstate New York, it is time to start your training and your travel plans if you plan on visiting and competing. I feel it's always worth arriving a minimum three days early so you can recover from the travel, stay injury free and see the sights.

It is important to think about safety when you are in a foreign place. My friend once went for a jog in Johannesburg. He ended up in a not so safe area and a bunch of hoodlums tried to mug him. Obviously they weren't runners. He bit one and sped off! Usually it is nature we have to be careful of though. The elements, getting lost and so on. So what's the best way to stay safe in a foreign city or country while running? How do you avoid injury. danger, dehydration? Here's seven tips for staying safe in a new place while your out jogging so you definitely make to the start line of your big event.

1. Run with a local. They are in the know.

2.Run between dawn and dusk. Safety first. You are more visible and it's a safer time to run.

3.Learn where the water is. While one of my running friends and winner of the Swiss Alpine Marathon, Vajin Armstrong is affectionately known as a camel, because he can run for hours and hours with not so much as a sip of water, most of us require a little more to function properly. Depending where you are if your not running with a bidden or hydration pack make sure you know where can you grab a drink.

4.Wear flouro gear. Although I was once accused of looking like a traffic cone due to my bright orange shirt, it is kind of trendy to look bright while you are running. Nowadays there is plenty of high tech fabrics that look great, keep you cool and make you stand out in traffic.

5.Remove the tunes. Why risk missing hearing that singing bird or more importantly the car about to turn the same time as you want to cross a road. Save the music for the main event when you really need a boost, traffic is marshaled or like in Rockland State Park, non-existent.

6.Take a few dollars or your credit card. You never know when you might need to pay for a ride home or a lifesaving electrolyte drink when your run took you longer than expected.  

7.Tell someone where you are going. Traveling alone, at least tell the concierge where you intend heading and what time you are due back. 

Grahak Cunningham is a four time finisher and one time winner of the Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race and works as motivational speaker and trainer based out of Australia.

Returning to Running

December 7, 2016

After an enforced injury lay off it is so nice returning to running. I managed an easy 6k yesterday in Bold Park. A bush land area in metropolitan Perth with great city and ocean views and undulating trails it was so nice to be running again even it was very slow.

I thought I would be miserable not being able to run for such a long time but I managed to keep active by doing weights, stretches and skipping! For longer cardio exercise I could cylce and swim, two sports I don't do much of. Someti...
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Yuri Wins, Ashprihanal Second and Kaneenika Finishes

September 6, 2016
Yuri Trestenyuk was the victor in this years race. It was an amazing finish, the closest in history. Just a few hours separated first and second, the 3100 mile equivalent of a sprint finish. Ashprihanal was inspired to chase 5 days from the finish. It must have been torturous for Yuri but he didn't cave in all, taking no breaks, trying to hold on to his lead."Yuri can do only do around 70 miles," was whispered amongst runners, handlers and organisers. "He can't hold on." Ashprihanal had him c...
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Vasu and his blister

July 13, 2016
On day 23 passing Vasu Duzhiy was passed. Apparently Vasu has a really bad blister. He got one in his first race also so I am sure he has the experience to deal with it! Apart from his blister he has the perfect body shape. Light, strong and hardened.

I spoke to Ashprihanal on the phone yesterday. He has been getting over a head cold...not something you want when you are doing 100 plus kilometers a day. He was in good spirits though and talked about climbing Mt Fuji in the winter. It was a lot...
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Start of the 3100 mile race 2016 edition

June 27, 2016

Start 3100 2016 from Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team on Vimeo.

This years field boasts 3 females and a couple of rookies. It is well underway with Vasu Duzhiy from Russia leading the way.

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New World Record in the 3100 Mile Race

July 27, 2015
Ashprihanal Aalto finished the 3100 mile race in 40 days and 9 hours. He averaged 76.7 miles a day for the duration of the race. He beat the previous mark that many people thought was untouchable by almost a day. He was feeling the joy of it all in the final 3 days leading up to his finish as the end was in site and was really happy, motivated and relaxed during this time. Reducing his breaks to just 7 minutes and allowing media to come in and photograph him while he was napping. He new he ha...
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Ukrainian Galya Breaks Two Records, Irishman to make it and a Finnish Bucket List

July 20, 2015

Ukranian Galya Balatskyy has made two records here. He has completed the most number of 70 mile days in a row ever. 37 and counting. He is aiming to finish on Sunday in 42 days. An outstanding result. In fact outside of this race only the current world record holder Wolfgang Schwerk has gone into or beyond the 42 day realm (twice). Galya would have won all bar 3 of the 3100 mile races with the time he is going to do in 2015.

Galya speaks five languages and looks the strongest out of all the r...
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Helping Ashprihanal

July 13, 2015
After moping around for a few days after pulling out with an injury Ashprihanal asked for some help. He is on world record pace and is averaging an outstanding 76.7 miles a day. He already has new records from 1500 miles to 2200. Helping is definitely better for me than it is for him. After exiting early it is easier to sink into a depressed state which I was starting to do, crewing for him really picked me up.

It is pretty interesting. He has three breaks of 15 minutes at 11am, 4pm, and 8pm....
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Day 14 Update: my 2015 race is over!

June 30, 2015

My 3100 Mile race came to an abrupt end on day 14 of the race. My hip injury deteriorated to the point to the where I was advised by the race doctor to pull out of the race. I have never pulled out of a race before in my life. It was very upsetting.

The hip had been niggling me for quite some time in my lead up to the race, though it seemed I was managing to cope with it during the first week. Unfortunately it just started to go downhill to the point where it was utterly excruciating. Even now...

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Day 9 Update

June 23, 2015

Following is a transcript of an audio blog post by Grahak:

Here I am on day nine. The weather is quite good today. It is about 25 degrees Celsius and there is a nice breeze. The weather yesterday was pretty brutal. It was incredibly humid in the morning, by midday it was scorchingly hot and then we had thunderstorms in the evening. To put it in culinary terms, we got steamed, fryed and then washed. It was intense.

Despite the challenging conditions yesterday was my best mileage since day one. I...

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