Vasu finishing from Perfection Journey

Slovakian runner Pranjal Milovnik and Russian Vasu Dushiy will both finish today, with probably around 30 miles between them. Vasu will take third and Pranjal fourth. Amazing after 47 days they will be finishing so close together. It is the equivalent of a sprint finish in the terms of the distances they are doing. No rest for some. Pranjal will be back out running again tomorrow to keep his record intact of running a minimum of 2 miles a day for the last seven years.

There are four finishers now in this amazing race. Yuri Trustenyuk came in second during the 47th day, finishing four days better than his previous best. Yuri was pretty motivated with the event and his finish. He was disappointed he has to stop!

Competing or spectating, it is always special watching the other runners finish. You can identify with the sense of achievement and pride they feel. Large crowds form, sometimes a few hundred people. Streamers decorate the counting and finish areas and dozens of ringing bells signify the final lap.

Each time a runner finishes it does mean a little bit of running energy dissipates from the course and also the finish can still be along way away for the other runners, so you try and focus and not think about it too much. Even with two days to go you can still have over 200 kilometres left. But watching the other runners finish, the celebrations and atmosphere, all that doesnt  matter, it makes you realise your time will soon come.