On day 23 passing Vasu Duzhiy was passed. Apparently Vasu has a really bad blister. He got one in his first race also so I am sure he has the experience to deal with it! Apart from his blister he has the perfect body shape. Light, strong and hardened.

I spoke to Ashprihanal on the phone yesterday. He has been getting over a head cold...not something you want when you are doing 100 plus kilometers a day. He was in good spirits though and talked about climbing Mt Fuji in the winter. It was a lot tougher than he thought it would be (but probably a cinch compared to the 3100) Both of us are enjoying Sopan's performance. He hasn't made it the last few times so seeing him inch closer and closer to halfway is really inspiring. He had a couple of bad days in terms of mileage but regained the focus and increased his speed to make up for it. Halfway is nice, it is coming home, the turnaround, downhill.