The weather is warm over here, but the start is predicted to be a little cooler which is nice. Hopefully it stays that way. I had my hair clippered yesterday. It is the standard style for most of the runners (except the girls). It keeps you a little bit cooler through the warm days. The local barber Sundar hacks it all off and he does it free. So besides food and a bike to ride to and from the course each day it is included in the entry fee. If you know anyone who needs a hair cut perhaps just buy them an entry into the race.

One comment my brother made last time when he came to the 3100 and helped was how he was suprised my shaved head looked much better than he thought it would. I think it was a compliment. He took an interest because our heads are unusually big, massive in fact and his is a centimetre or two bigger than mine. We both have a torrid time with hats and bike helmets that don't fit. Every Christmas we have to go through the humiliation of having the hats found in the Christmas crackers just break when we try and put them on. When I won the 3100 in 2012 amongst all the fantastic joy and happiness that goes with finishing I was worried the winning wreath that goes on the winners head wouldn't fit. Fortunately it did, but only just.