I went to Cyril Jackson School yesterday and spoke to some of the youth. They hosted a huge health festival that's held annually every year. It is not an academic school but specialises mainly in vocational education. You get well looked after. The students studying hospitality come around and feed everyone as well as serving up morning tea. The kids studying event management help everyone set up their booths and the students studying theater check everything is aesthetic.

Youth Speaker

Speaking to the students involved communicating to a big age range with a variety of backgrounds. A lot of them that attend the school have recently immigrated, are refugees or are adults who have become inspired to complete their secondary education. It is a fantastic school. You can tell the teachers that work there, really love their job and working with the children, which is a rare privilege. Many school children travel from other primary schools and high schools to come to the Cyril Jackson festival and see what it is all about.

On the running front I squeezed out a 40 mile race in April, took a marathon flight to the USA that night and managed a real marathon a couple of days later. I wasn't in the best shape and for the first time I have tried out a chiropractor to help with recovery. I'm not sure if I like it and occasionally it feels like I have been hit by a bus the next day after seeing him. I do like his running oil painting in the waiting room though!