My 3100 Mile race came to an abrupt end on day 14 of the race. My hip injury deteriorated to the point to the where I was advised by the race doctor to pull out of the race. I have never pulled out of a race before in my life. It was very upsetting.

The hip had been niggling me for quite some time in my lead up to the race, though it seemed I was managing to cope with it during the first week. Unfortunately it just started to go downhill to the point where it was utterly excruciating. Even now I am having trouble just walking a few metres to the bathroom.

I had a few other minor issues with a swollen calf, an infected blister and fever at night, but they were manageable. The hip however was a real problem.

I feel a little but down at the moment but what can you do. The organisers and other runners have all been very supportive. They understand that withdrawing from a race like this is not a decision that you take lightly.

When I made the decision to pull out I got a lift back home in the race garbage van, which seemed amusingly appropriate. Sometimes you just have to see the lighter side of things!

Well my 2015 campaign is now finished. For the time being I will stay in NY and support the other runners. I have donated my shoes to Galya, one of the Ukranian runners.

My final mileage was 868 miles or 1396km.

Thank you for all your messages of support. I am sorry to let you down! 

Life goes on!