Following is a transcript of an audio blog post by Grahak:

Here I am on day 4 of the race.

Day one was pretty good for me. Everyone was going bezerk on the mileage. The collective energy swept us all along. The Russians and Ukranians were all looking very strong right from the get go. Asprihanal did 94 miles! At one point I asked him how far he had done and he just said 'tonnes'.  

Day 2 was absolute torture for me. I don't think I have ever had a tougher day on the course. It got off to a bad start as I witnessed a squirrel get run over on the road because it got scared as I ran past it. Things went downhill from there. I could only run until 10:30am and from then on I only walked. I had absolutely no energy. It was a very, very tough day. It was pretty close to my lowest mileage day ever in the five years that I have done the race.

Day 3 I had a bit more energy and I started to increase my mileage a bit. I wore my pink singlet just for a laugh but I then spent the whole day feeling intimidated by the youths at the basketball court, who were clearly not accustomed to seeing a man running in a pink t-shirt.

Today is day 4 and things are going pretty well for me. I have a bit more energy. I am not going to do massive miles but I feel like my energy levels are heading in the right directing. I am running at the moment and the weather has been good today. Right now I am looking forward to finishing the day in couple of hours and heading home enjoy a shower.

It is still early days. Hopefully I can lock into a good rhythm in the coming week. Thanks everyone for all your support.