Following is a transcript of an audio blog post by Grahak:

Here I am on day nine. The weather is quite good today. It is about 25 degrees Celsius and there is a nice breeze. The weather yesterday was pretty brutal. It was incredibly humid in the morning, by midday it was scorchingly hot and then we had thunderstorms in the evening. To put it in culinary terms, we got steamed, fryed and then washed. It was intense.

Despite the challenging conditions yesterday was my best mileage since day one. I got to 70 miles which is always nice, though I am feeling it a bit today though. Everybody is running really well. The pace is fast. There are a lot of quality runners out here.

I am getting a call this afternoon from ABC Radio Perth and Geoff Hutchison. I am looking forward to it. It will certainly lift my spirits. I will have to make sure I am up to date with my precise mileage and position on the leaderboard beforehand as they are sure to ask about it. I generally try not to look it at too much as it can become quite a mental burden, though such a simplistic approach doesn't always make for a good interview! 

I am getting stronger by the day. Hopefully this trend continues. My sleep is really terrible though. When you are only getting five hours a night you want it to be good quality, but at moment I have to take so many painkillers just to reduce the pain to a point where I can actually fall asleep.

There was a great atmosphere on the course this past weekend. There was a marathon on the adjoining block on Sunday and also different musical groups coming to course to share their music with us. It made the laps pass much quicker!

Thanks everyone for all your messages of support