So on day 27 there was a Pavlova debate going on with the cooks.
I asked for some Australian Pavlova (they are from New Zealand), and they just laughed at me and said it was from NZ. Then they delivered a special package that night labelled 'Australian Pavlova' and when I opened it, it was empty! On the food table was NZ Pavlova (stacks of it.)

Anyway they decorated it with Kiwi fruit so I thanked them for the Australian Pavlova with a Chinese Gooseberry on top.

I've been struggling with my rash and been having an Epsom salts bath every night, which has been helping a lot I think, but I've still got it.

(Some of the quality products that have been used against the rash, and boredom...) 

Day 26 I was just running on empty, it was a really tough day.
Started to wear out numerous pairs of runners...

And thanks again to the organisers of this race...

Although sometimes the course is a little crowded!

But there is always space for the dedicated lap counters.