I had a really fast race this year. It was my PB by nearly a day. I went into it wanting to average 70 miles a day (113km) . I thought I could do it because in 2007 I did 69.8 or something with a really bad blister. If I could stay blister free I thought I could get close.

My start was great, perhaps too fast but I was managing mileage and I didn’t think I would ever achieve it. I was having really nice feelings of power and gratitude especially in the evening. Savagata was also chasing hard and this was also pushing me along. My mind started to drive me crazy after a while though. Thoughts about a sprint finish on the last lap or being passed in the last few days…stupid mind! In the end I just focused on my own miles, running joyfully and consistently. I stopped doing really big days to try and avoid evenings of total exhaustion where I just had no energy.

Satyakarma’s service was tireless for the whole race. The aussie expat community and kiwi cooks were also awesome. Friends would come down for an hour or so most days and Dipali, Australia’s world record holder for the six day race, saved me numerous times with timely advice, encouragement and sustenance from Annam Brahma Indian Restaurant when race food had long run out.

In the latter part of the race, for a while I was trying to chase 7 times winner Asprihanal’s Aalto’s best time. In the end after long days of rain and a couple of days of exhaustion where I couldn’t get near the required mileage it got beyond me. In the end my average was 71 miles (115km)  a day so I was really rapt. 

Everyone’s support was amazing. All the emails, calls and blog comments really helped me, even the atrocious jokes were worth reading! The race brings so many people together as a family full of love and oneness, hopefully the race helps the world do the same. Below is a picture of the first prize: a plastic trophy and a shirt.