Halfway in any race is so great. Whether it's 5, 21, 42 or 5000 kilometres

When I reach half way it is my favourite milestone. I feel relief more than anything. Halfway is like running downhill. Every moment seems closer to finishing. “It feels like you are coming home,” the 2006 3100 Mile Serbian Champion Ayojan Stajonovich once told me when I reached 1550 miles in my first race in 2007. It is like you climb the summit at half way. Sure coming down is difficult but it is easier than going up. It is a bit like Wednesday in the week (hump day as a friend used to call it.) The mind and physical can deal with the fact that you have completed the majority of the distance.

The first runner got to halfway yesterday in the 2013 3100 Mile Race, the great Finnish runner Asprihanal Aalto. Others will follow today and the coming week. This far into the race it is a lot harder for injuries to occur. The body is used to the lack of sleep and the pounding on the cement. Hopefully many of the runners can do a negative split. Some need to to make it before the cut off.

Grahak Cunningham is a keynote motivational speaker based in WA and a four time finisher of the 3100 mile race. He can't face the race this year and is having a break.