After moping around for a few days after pulling out with an injury Ashprihanal asked for some help. He is on world record pace and is averaging an outstanding 76.7 miles a day. He already has new records from 1500 miles to 2200. Helping is definitely better for me than it is for him. After exiting early it is easier to sink into a depressed state which I was starting to do, crewing for him really picked me up.

It is pretty interesting. He has three breaks of 15 minutes at 11am, 4pm, and 8pm. He comes into the respite van and starts doing stretches like he has just been on a 5k run before having a quick nap. Yesterday he was exhausted in the afternoon and nearly had a break at 2pm. Although he came good after some guarana and caffeine he was still pretty tired at 4pm. "I want 20 minutes" he said, setting his antique egg timers which are in the shape of a pear and a lady beetle. He puts them by his ears and somehow rests through the constant ticking sound they make."20 minutes?" I questioned. "It is disgusting isn't it!" he replied. I bargained him down to 18 minutes and snuck another minute off his timer while he was asleep. In the end he made 140 laps which is well over 76 miles. A week or so ago he did 75 miles and wasn't happy. "That was a great day you had," I said encouragingly. "No it is terrible," he replied. "It is just the same as 109 laps (58miles) for a normal person." I had to chuckle. When you are as elite as he is, standards get set pretty high.

Besides his egg timers Ashprihanal is pretty low tech. He doesn't eat many modern day super foods. He owns a non smart phone. He only recently upgraded to MP3 players and doesn't own a computer. Somehow it suits him. He is uncomplicated, child like and his 55kg frame is as light as his data usage.

Today I cheekily mentioned he should have a crack at the sub two hour marathon after the 3100, after watching how much energy he has after running 127 kilometres a day, day in and day out it wouldn't suprise me if he could do it. Still I was expecting a harsh comeback like, "C'mon there is no way I could do that." Instead he said. "Oh yeh, once Sri Chinmoy was encouraging people and talking about the sub 2 hour marathon I really thought and felt he was talking to me. Doing it is all about grace anyway."

Ashprihanal used to be pretty fast. He ran a 2.57 marathon and 11.02 over two miles before he stopped focusing on speed, moving his talents to multidays. The current world record holder in the 3100, Wolfgang Schwerk, ran a sub 2.30 in his hey day and has a six hour something 100km to his name so it does help to have leg speed. As perhaps the world's greatest multi day runner, Ashprihanal has something extra special besides leg speed. If he keeps up his current mileage he will be finished Friday week and be in the 40 day realm.