Challenging Yourself

It is not easy challenging ourselves, it isn't meant to be. That is why terms like 'get outside your comfort zone’ and ‘break out of the box we put ourselves in' are bandied about a lot. It can be a long road but your work or sporting pursuits give you the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself. You could be at home lying on the couch or doing the same thing day in day out. Instead you’re out there training, competing or increasing your skills. We know how good we feel when we do this and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Often the more difficult the challenge or even the more attempts we have made at it, the greater the sense of accomplishment during, and afterwards, especially when we have tried our best. Below are some tips

Don't Give Up

Keep going and trying your best. If you have too, change your expectations. Reset your goals and focus on short termachievables. Just compete with yourself. Show a ‘never give up attitude.’ Together with some patience and perseverance it is often more than enough to take you a long way.

Set Short and Long Term Goals

After you are satisfied with your accomplishments or finishes, move the goal posts. Improve your performance, up the distance, aim for something higher. That way you will always be trying to go beyond your current achievements and progress. It keeps you fresh, eager and enthusiastic about work or the sport you are involved in.

Stay Positive

Whilst difficult, challenging ourselves isn't about suffering! We can actually always control our mental outlook in different situations. Being cheerful, focused, positive and happy overcomes many things. The tiredness of the body, mental doubt or others resistance to change. Make sure your background or groundwork has given you the self-confidence and belief you have prepared adequately. Use your determination, resilience and fortitude to overcome hurdles you come across. Remember enjoyment is necessary to stay positive,so enjoy the struggle!

Surround Yourself With a Good Team

You learn, improve your performance and have more fun. Good teams bring out the best in you and add to the social or professional aspect of your chosen job or sport. Use team building techniques to bring you and your friends or colleagues closer together.

Grahak Cunningham is one of Australia's best motivational speakers and conference speakers. He is a four time finisher of the worlds longest race and enjoys travelling (by plane not foot).