Leaving tomorrow for the USA. It is a little terrifying knowing what is install. Still I get to eat lots of ice cream so I can put on a few kilograms before I begin the 3100. I have been busy. Packing, shopping, training, preparing.

Andrew Burrell from The Australian did a really nice article on the race and the mindfulness of a long distance runner. This led to an interview on ABC Perth, ABC South West, 2UE Sydney, Channel 7 and Channel 9. It was all pretty busy.

Guest Speaker

I was a guest speaker recently at Blueprint Wealth Management. I have kept in contact with some of the staff and now they are embarking on a challenge.

• 1000 laps around Richardson Park (across the road from their business)
• They break into groups
• During the day take 10 minutes to go for a walk around the oval
• Each team will record the number of laps they have completed aiming for a total of 1000 laps as a team
• The best team wins

The idea is it gets some fresh air into their lungs and reduce stress levels. It is a great initiative and will definitely help. I have been more wrecked from a day at work in front of a screen than I have after 18 hours of running. Physical activity definitely makes you more mentally sharp as well. You sweat out a lot of problems! Many of them must be in good shape. They participated in HBF Run for a Reason and raised over $2000 for their chosen charity.

Blueprint Wealth had their Personal Development (PD) Day at the zoo. I got to wander around after speaking. The keepers were taking Trishna, the elephant for a walk. From behind Trishna reminded me of Pranjal Malovnik, the giant Slovakian runner. He is normally at the 3100 every year. Due to a resignation at his business he is stuck though. He can't get away. It is a shame, everyone will miss him out on the course as he has the strength of an elephant and is great to run with. There are many new runners though, so it will be chance to meet some more people from around the world and get to know them better.