Pranjal Milovnik is a giant of a man standing at 195cm and weighing in close to 100kg. He is competing in his tenth 3100 mile race. On day 20 he ran 72.44 miles. Perhaps (apart from day one), the most he has ever run at the 3100. I feel Pranjal will break the world record for the most completions of the race. He loves it. The struggle. Bad weather. Exhaustion. He laps it up and keeps marching along. Below are some interesting facts about Pranjal.

  • His best time is 47 days averaging 105.7km a day.
  • He is blessed with one of the those small grey patches in his burgundy hair.
  • He runs to midnight exactly, every night. He never goes home early.
  • He takes one 25 minute break a day at 3pm
  • He blogs every night after 100+ kilometres of running. You can see him basically falling asleep in front of the camera here: Pranjals Blog
  • His diet to wake him up consists of caffeinated soda drinks and candy bars which he starts eating around 7am.
  • He once caught and cornered a thief mid race who had stolen Suprabha's mp3 player, and the thief was on bicycle. It involved Pranjal bravely giving chase in the opposite direction of the race.After dispensing some justice it took him hours to recover from the sprint. Which is to be expected considering he had covered over 1000km

In other news... Baladev is way ahead of his personal best. Sopan is struggling with a back and nerve injury. The food the cooks are supplying is apparently the best ever.The girls are all running really well. William Sichel is improving and still has the capacity to finish. If you can run and average 70 miles a day you can finish 8 days before the cut off. William has had a difficult week but he can come back from it. It does involve some pressure though as it requires no more difficult days!