The passing of this great man has led to a lot of reflection about his life. He was an inspirational to everyone and corporate and youth speakers will be quoting his wisdom for centuries."The greatest glory in living is not in never failing," he said. "But in rising every time we fall."

So what are some of the things we can learn from his life and times?


Incarcerated for 27 years the man never lost his dignity or hope."You must fight the battle for dignity," he stated. "We put our foot down and insisted on being respected." Mandela won many repreives in prison including better food and clothing for the inmates.He kept his head up and remained stead fast in his fight for freedom and beliefs despite the punishment he received for doing so.


Upon his release Nelson Mandela had Africa at his fingertips. Fortunately it was the hand of forgiveness that was extended by this great man. He knew peace would bring progress to his country and did everything he could to foster this. Speaking to the youth of Africa at a youth rally in 2008 he reminded everyone of their roles to uphold the values he represented. "People laid down their lives for the sake freedom. Today their reward and ours too, lies in you..."


He went from prisoner to president. He was Africa's first black lawyer. Even in his twilight years as a statesman and humanitarian he was communicating regularly with domestic and overseas governments. His guidance and example will inspire leaders both political and social for many years to come.

Teamwork and Communication

In prison, Madiba complained about the poor trousers they were given. They were too short for the cold winter and hard labour they were subject to. After constantly voicing his concerns he awoke one day to find a new pair in his cell. None of his fellow inmates had been given any. He handed back his new trousers. If his fellow freedom fighters weren't getting them neither was he, such was his feeling of team and sympathetic oneness with his friends and brothers.

Mandela knew the secret to maintaining a positive outlook was to keep communicating with his fellow inmates. They did so with notes in the dirty dishes, notes in the rims of toilets and secret messages in empty food buckets. Their strength and resilience increased with their solidarity. This was done through any means they could manage.

The spirit of President Nelson Mandela will live on for ever if we can keep communicating and speaking about his goals and ideals to the youth and teens of today and in our corporate speaking engagements.