Work stress, no work life balance and over training have similar symptoms and causes. Working or working out to long. Monotonous surrounds. Boredom. Illness or injuries. You will lack enthusiasm and feel very run down. The situation is like a car battery. You can run your lights for a while without your engine running so long as you recharge the battery. However to long without a recharge and the battery dies and you can't run the lights.

Your body acts the same way. When super long work outs or work hours deplete our energy reserves we can't face the thought of either. That's when the drive leaves and energy levels suffer.

How to recover from over training and over work.

  • Take a layoff. Start back slowly and change your habits. Intensify your time at the desk or the gym, make it quality rather than quantity.
  • Take stock of your diet. In times of stress we often eat and hydrate poorly, further contributing to the problem. If your diet is inadequate for the exercise regime you are trying to keep, change it. What you are burning you need to replace.
  • Surround yourself with a good team. It makes work seem less monotonous. It makes a workout social and pushes you even harder. Good colleagues in work and play give you the best support for optimal success.
  • Balance out your day. Instead of eating lunch in front of the screen. Head outside. Go for a jog. Hit the gym. It feels like a break from work and you are getting in your daily exercise.
  • Enjoy what you are doing. It is good indicator of whether your work or work ethic fits in with your life. If it doesn't it is time to balance things up, make changes to your job or alter your exercise regimes. 

 Grahak Cunningham is a conference speaker and guest speaker and is a four time finisher of the worlds longest race. The 3100 Mile Race, which involves running 18 hours a day for 51 days with feelings of tiredness, monotony and despair, (rather like a bad day at work.)