When a pioneer does something, it always makes it easier for others to follow. They motivate the rest of us. After Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in 1954, the record was rapidly improved by other runners. Previously, like the sound barrier it was considered impossible to break. Once one person went under the four minutes the running community knew it could be done. It will be the same for the sub-two hour marathon when it happens. Watching someone set a benchmark inspires the world. I think that is why I received so much motivation watching the first Australian compete and finish the 3100 mile race. If another multi-day novice could have a crack at the world’s longest footrace, why not me?

Based in Australia, Grahak Cunningham is a motivational speaker and business speaker and four time finisher and 2012 winner of the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race, which is the world’s longest ultra-marathon.