After an enforced injury lay off it is so nice returning to running. I managed an easy 6k yesterday in Bold Park. A bush land area in metropolitan Perth with great city and ocean views and undulating trails it was so nice to be running again even it was very slow.

I thought I would be miserable not being able to run for such a long time but I managed to keep active by doing weights, stretches and skipping! For longer cardio exercise I could cylce and swim, two sports I don't do much of. Sometimes we just have to adapt to our current circumstances and make the most of a situation, even if it is an unfortunate one.

I met a guy today who had it way worse than me. He had had a low speed head on bike crash with another cyclist.The result, numerous screws in his skull and spine and a couple of fractured vertebrae. Although grateful he wasn't paralysed he was worried that he might go 'stir crazy' for the remaining 77 days he had to wear his brace. Understandable, but still possible to deal with. "Just do what you can," I advised. "Hand grip exercises, leg extensions anything to keep the body ticking over."

It is part of human nature to be resilient and that does mean being adaptable. Sometimes negative things lead to positive experiences. Hopping on a bike and swimming, which I don't really do or enjoy has got me thinking about an Iron Man. My cycling leg would be terrible but it is something I can work on along with a gradual return to distance running. Stay tuned!
Also, there is some business and athletic stories on resilience and success (including mine) on the Bupa site.