One of my favourite schools we visited on our run from Adelaide to Canberra as part of the Peace Run was Mannum Community College. The message of running to the goal of peace is always reinforced when teachers inspire the youth and students and take the message up before the Peace Run arrives. This is exactly what happened at Mannum. The children were motivated by their peers and teachers to offer art, poetry and songs.

They had already watched several DVD's on the run and had a huge 'Welcome' sign ready for the team. There was hardly a student present without something creative in their hand.

Speaking to the children, youth and staff about our journey was rewarding and their inspiration and motivation helped keep the team going.

We went for run with them within the school grounds before we made our way out to the open roads. Children are nearly always great runners as it comes so naturally.

On the road, orange orchards laden with fruit decorated the nearby fields, all irrigated by the mighty Murray River we were running along. It is basically a desert but the river fed agriculture makes it an oasis and a tasty treat after a few miles. It is a fruit I can't eat in multi-days (instant mouth ulcers) but delicious at any other time or distance!