I just returned from running the leg from Adelaide to Canberra as part of the Peace Run, an international torch relay dedicated to spreading the idea of peace through running and the peace torch that is carried and passed from hand to hand, heart to heart along the way.

It was a great event and we met so many inspiring people and together with the 11-13 international runners that were on the team, formed some great friendships. I found the whole thing really motivational and we were speaking at many high schools at primary schools, youth groups and civic receptions along the way as guest speakers.

There were many challenges met and mountains climbed (literally, we all made it to the top of Mt Kosciuszko) The next few blogs are going to be dedicated to the run. Starting in Adelaide my first stop was a school visit after a brief run.

The children and youth of today love the torch. They are the future leaders and I don't think having a bunch of international guests coming into your school with a flaming torch is something that is ever forgotten!

Team Building

You are constantly on the move in this run. As a team builder I was extremely interested in the team dynamics. Besides running we had members on media, organisation, guest speaking schedules, supplies, accommodation, dinner meals, lunch meals and breakfast as well as clean up and safety. Everyone has to work together through team work and fulfill their duties for the run to happen smoothly. More on this aspect of the journey next post.