On the Peace Run, in Waikerie I went into a major supermarket chain asking if they would sponsor the team some groceries, 'begging,' we humorously called it. Whilst speaking to the manager a curious passer by, her interest piqued by my uniform, asked what I was doing. "Running from Uluru to Canberra." She was a teacher, inspired and motivated, “Come speak to our school,” she said. “Well, school's finished for the day and it'll be hard to organise.” I stated. “Nonsense, I am the Principal!”

So we went to Ramco Primary. Principal Deb Halligan gathered her students and we enjoyed a spontaneous meeting with the children. It was a tiny school with a great sense of community and it was thanks to a chance meeting that we made it there.

The other team visited a larger school at the same time. The principal there was motivated to implement a 'mindfulness' program into his school.

What is Mindfulness?

It is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. So what is it? Mindfulness is being in the moment, conscious of your breathing, your thoughts and surrounds. Really it is having a quiet mind, not letting it roam, staying more inside your heart. It is becoming increasingly popular in business and schools which is a good thing. Anything that allows us to slow down and expand our consciousness is a positive thing. Good  on the principal at Waikerie Lutheran Primary for implementing such an innovation.