Atmavir Spacil crossed the line yesterday evening in 47 days 16 hours 24 minutes. It was remarkably his 7th time running 3100 miles- very motivational. Speaking after the race he announced he wasn't coming back next year, understandable, doing it that many times, but is obviously in his blood so hopefully he changes his mind. Atmavir passes a lot of the time bouncing his handball as he runs and as a result has made friends with many New Yorkers down at the hand ball court he passes 5649 times over the duration of the event. The Czech champion is fast, he runs under 3 hours for a marathon and will no doubt competing in a 2 mile race that is on next Saturday.

2013 is and was an amazing race with the lead switching many times. Just  23 miles ahead of Atmavir was the winner of this years event Vasu Duzhiy in 47 days 5 hours and 39 minutes. He took 5 days of his last years time. Vasu is from Saint Petersburg but rarely spends time there. He works near the border of Siberia where he helps chop trees and judge the quality of the timber supplied to his company. He doesn’t fly to the area where he works but takes the 19 hour train ride. When he is there he runs in the nearby forest. Built like a wood cutter, Vasu has one of those hand shakes that will crush your bones if you are not prepared. Like most Russians he is all heart, super tough and used to the austerity of a place like the cement footpath around the course. “This place for me is paradise,” he once commented, halfway through the race to a media reporter. I came around the corner one day to find Vasu pumping out stomach crunches on the edge of the course just to warm up. He had just run 2000 km's. Another day a runner suggested he take a break. Instead of resting in the van, Vasu walked the 2 mile (3.2km) round trip to the cooks kitchen to get some food. Vasu was running well over 70 miles a day towards the end. Congratulations!
photo credits: Utpal Marshall, Prabhakar Street