I had an almost dreadful incident with an inanimate object in the race. Showering and bathing was really pleasant. All the grime collected in the day disappears and the paper tape around blisters and toes comes off really easily. I soon took to shaving and brushing my teeth under the shower. For speed I would shower the traditional way, standing up. If I was really tired I would take the longer option and sit on a flannel on the tiles to take the weight of my legs. One night I thought it would be really good to have a chair to sit on.  I had been to Myanmar earlier this year and many of the outdoor food stalls had little plastic kiddie chairs you could sit on as you slurped your noodles and this is what I really wanted.


Sure enough, riding to the race the next day, in front of the last house before hitting the course, in someone’s rubbish pile, was a kiddie chair. It was wooden but looked perfect. I grabbed it and rode with it the rest of the way to the start. Someone drove it over to my accommodation so I could use it in the evening. Amazed at how my desire for a chair was so quickly and miraculously fulfilled I couldn’t stop thinking about it and looked forward to using it all day. When I finally got home I turned the shower on and collapsed, exhausted onto the kiddie chair and fell straight through it. I felt pretty stupid, it was in the rubbish pile because the top was cracked and was an obvious a death trap for someone’s toddler. It was hard to extract myself out of and I was lucky not to do myself a serious injury to my backside. Fortunately one of my housemates at my accommodation was a carpenter so he repaired it complete with extra reinforcement and padding for comfort. It looked and worked a treat.