Time is scarce at the moment, I am busy. Training, working and recovering. Everyone is suffering from lack of time and I am sure you have heard, "Where has the year gone?" shouted by friends or colleagues.

I had one meeting scheduled and the person I was meeting was late. Not 5 or 10 minutes late but half an hour. Something I find immensely frustration. Personally I often arrive over early when I am meeting my clients, as a result I am not flustered when I get there and it makes conversation more meaningful, constructive and valuable.

Being on time is important:

  • If your late it shows that your time is more important than the person you are meeting. Not a good way to start a business relationship.
  • If your late, it conveys a message to the other person that you don't think they are important, as we would all certainly be on time for an important person.
  • Being late communicates that you may be dishonest. How so? Well honest people stick to their word. A scheduled time has been arranged and agreed upon. If you don't turn up or are late you have altered the agreement without a consultation.
  • Being on time shows your respectful. Being late is disrespectful and habit forming.

Time management is important in business and sport. In the 3100 mile race I had to set strict times for breaks. Otherwise it was easy to let a quick 15 minute shoe change stretch out to 40 minutes. It's lost time. 25 minutes times 50 days is about 20 hours. The course is open for 18 hours a day so you lose a days running if you don't use your time wisely. I used an oven timer. It kept me on schedule and made me rush but it worked.