2012 - 3100 Mile Race

It's been raining again and Atmavir and Vasu are both at the same mileage after day 3 of the 3100. No biggie, there's still around 2900 miles to go.

Atmavir Spàcil from the Czech Republic is an accomplished multi-day and ultra runner, he’d completed 13 ultras and six multi-day events before his first 3100 mile race in 2007, even making it to 1085 miles (1746km) in a 1300-mile (2092km) race, which had a brutal cut-off time of 18 days. 2007 was my first race also and it was great having another 3100 ultra running rookie to talk to.

I think this is his 7th 3100. He is always running the local 2 mile weekend race, even if it is just days after the 3100. He can easily reach 70 miles in a day and he's a sub 3 marathoner, so he's fast. He is due for a good race.

Based in Australia, Grahak Cunningham is a motivational speaker and business speaker and four time finisher and 2012 winner of the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race, which is the world’s longest ultra-marathon.