Day 9 and 10.

Day 9 was interupted by some huge thunderstorms. It was self-transcendence for me because for the first time in four years I fell asleep in the toilets (portaloos) whilst avoiding the second storm. It was so pleasant in there so I stayed for about 35 minutes and came out feeling quite fresh and did good miles. 

Day 10 (thank God we are in double figures now).

I had real problems, all sorts of doubts, wondering what I'm doing out here, and shedding a few tears.
I just think I need to smile more, and stay happy

Stutisheel kept hassling me for dressing the same as he did. He may have had a point. I liked his hat so I ordered one exactly the same. My sun glasses looked similar and being early on in the race we both had similar sized stomachs.