I spoke to Stutisheel and Sopan recently via phone when they were out on the course. Both were going well and enjoying the cooler weather. It is great the temperatures have been kind to them. When you start, your body takes two weeks at least to get used to the surface, pounding, lack of sleep and the routine of the race. Usually you can include temperature in the mix but if it's nice it is one less thing to adjust too in that initial period. I talked for a while, but poor reception meant it wasn't much of a conversation. If your running and you can't hear, there is nothing more annoying than carrying a phone around trying to concentrate!

Adelaide's Sarah Barnett is doing really well. Her performance is a great example of never giving up. She didn't make it last year due to injuries but returned and is having an outstanding race in 2014. No suprise. She has exceptional 10 day times and is certainly one of the worlds best multi day runners.

There are a few first few timers. UK's William Sichel is doing well and is on target to finish. He has enough experience to get through the trials and tribulations of the 3100 and looks strong in all the photographs. You can read more about him at Utpal Marshall's outstanding blog: Perfection Journey

Jayasalini Abromovskikh, just like her long name, can run long very long distances. She is fast from a 1 mile through to a marathon and six and ten day races. Soon she will be considered fast up to 3100 miles. In this photo, which is from Jowan Gauthier's flickr blog available here, her and Nidruhvi look fresher than I did at the end of a 10k on the weekend! Keep up the awesome work.

all photos courtesty Jowan Gauthier