William Sichel, photo by Jowan

William Sichel and Sarah Barnett have reached the goal and finished the world's longest race. Both did huge negative splits: pleasing in a race from 1 mile to 3100 miles. William had to. His first half of the race was basically completed at the end of day 27. To finish within the cutoff time he had to draw on all his experience and talent. Pegging back the extra miles he missed out on when he was going through difficult times he finished in 50 days 15 hours and 6 minutes. He got stronger as the race got longer.

Completing the event, he has become the oldest person ever to finish the race. Sixty years young, he broke numerous Scottish records along his incredible journey. "There is no age limit when you live in the heart," said race founder Sri Chinmoy. William has become a great example of that philosophy and is surely now a national running hero if he wasn't already.

Sarah Barnett at the finish, photo Jowan

12 hours earlier Adelaide's Sarah Barnett became the 3rd Australian to finish the race and the first female. Her time of 50 days 3 hours and 55 minutes represents the second fastest by a female, behind the great Suprabha Bjeckford. Sarah averaged 99km a day. The same as I did for my first race. It's annoyingly close to 100k. So annoying it is motivational. So hopefully she will be back next year to better it.

It was an amazing performance by Sarah and an example of never giving up. She didn't make it in 2013, but as one of the best female multi-day runners in the world she was always going to give it another shot. The race is about self-transcendence. Improving yourself, striving harder or staying happier.

Stutisheel on the morning of his summit. Photo Perfection-Journey

I gave Stutisheel a call after his finish. Waking him up, he groggily informed that in finishing on the 48th day he had beaten his best time. He is fast across many distances and has quite a few sub 3 hour marathons to his name and a low six hour something 47 mile (75k). He promptly informed me he was looking forward to beating me in the next race we do together. He is certainly better trained than me at the moment!

Pranjal earlier in the race. About to eat a small child. Photo Jowan