I led a team across the Nullarbor through May and June. It was great running and the weather was fantastic. Adelaide to Perth is about 3000km all up and you really get to see it from a different perspective running rather than driving or flying. There is something about camping under the stars and running in the middle of nowhere.


There was an international group of runners: Australians, Mongolians, Romanians, Austrians, Kiwis and Americans. It was relay style run where each runner did between 15 and 20km a day. Broken up, it wasn't too taxing. Running is the easy part, the planning, time management and logistics is the hard part. Organising food, the route, support vehicles, transport, clean clothes, delegation of tasks and so on, is the most challenging aspect. The great thing about it for me was stopping and speaking at various schools and youth groups along the way. The run (the Peace Run) is about bringing people together and showing what fitness, happiness and focus can do for the world.

The children and youth we met were fantastic. Even though I work as keynote motivational speaker mainly with business it almost works the other way round with children and youth. Speaking to them you can see the hope they have and it is really inspiring. They have so much potential. I got to speak to them a lot about goal setting, focus, determination, physical fitness and the way we can all work together to improve each other and the world. I am definitely going to aim for some more Youth Speaker engagements over the next few months.

Scenery wise coming through the barren desert was amazing and also the tall timber of the South Coast of Western Australia was beautiful. I look forward to doing it all again someday.

Grahak Cunningham is a Keynote Speaker and Youth Speaker and a four time finisher of the worlds longest race which took him over 50 days to complete.