I spoke to some of the youth at Helena College Graduation Ceremony on Friday evening. It was the keynote presentation and I talked about my memories of graduation. Not having any goals, dreams or ideas of what I wanted to do and that being OK because I gave 100% to being the best I could at what ever I was doing. Whether it was academic and socially related, giving 100% and improving myself kept doors open for me for when I had more clarity on where I was heading.

It was an inspiring event. There were other motivational speakers and youth speakers in attendance: former female student turned AFL umpire Sally Boud spoke, as did the original founder of the school who still volunteers her time there, Sally Herzfeld. The teachers were also great and act as much as mentors and friends to the students as teachers. Two were embarking on their first ultra, the 6 inch track ultra, which is a 48km trail run quite near the school and another was the first to cycle the Canning Stock Route and had ridden tandem coast to coast with his wife! Many had just returned from a youth leadership course incorporating making it to Annapurna base camp, quite an achievement.

The young leaders who were graduating were full of excitement about the prospects of their future. Some were leaving to have a gap year, others were entering further studies and some were joining in on the family business. I am sure there were others, who like me had no idea what the future had in stall for them.