Yuri Trestenyuk was the victor in this years race. It was an amazing finish, the closest in history. Just a few hours separated first and second, the 3100 mile equivalent of a sprint finish. Ashprihanal was inspired to chase 5 days from the finish. It must have been torturous for Yuri but he didn't cave in all, taking no breaks, trying to hold on to his lead."Yuri can do only do around 70 miles," was whispered amongst runners, handlers and organisers. "He can't hold on." Ashprihanal had him covered, he put his foot the metal and came up with an 86 mile day on the second to last day, but something happened that know one could predict, Yuri pulled out all stops and came up with a 79 mile day. The biggest he had ever done. Such inspiration. He took victory with just a few miles to do on the last day.Yuri runs with all his heart. He speaks little English. He is poor, his family that he spends Summer away from is poor, he works in New York a bit before and only a day or two after the race to help pay his bills. But material things don't matter to Yuri, he is super happy and his running expresses things beyond words.Congratulations.

I spoke to Sopan Tsekov a lot during the race. He kept going for 28 days, knowing he wouldn't make it as did world record holder Surasa Mairer, true heroes. New York local Kaneenika Janakova finished on the last allowed day in 52 days. Returning after just finishing short last year. Apparently her finish was very moving and the most motivational of all, captured below by Jowan Gauthier in his outstanding photo blog. Well done to all the amazing runners.