Let Grahak Cunningham inspire at your audience at your next conference, workshop or in-house training event. His stories of leadership, persistence, planning and never giving up are perfect for in house training, conference keynote addresses or to provide motivation for your staff, audience attendees or members.

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Booking Grahak is a simple process. The following is a normal course of events.

  1. Interest established, pre conference discussion
  2. Proposal, outcomes, concept and informal agreement decided
  3. Booking Agreement Form sent which includes:
  • Audio Visual requirements
  • Grahak's biography
  • Photographs for marketing material
  • Invoice and terms

To let us know how Grahak can best serve your upcoming conference, in house workshop or event, please download the business brochure below and fill in the enquiry form. We will endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours. If you would like to speak with Grahak directly please call 0405 179 551 or email info@grahakcunningham.com


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