"It was an honour to have Grahak as the major keynote speaker for the 2014 Year 12 Graduation at Helena College Senior School. We wanted our students to be inspired for the next stage of their life's journey, to hear from someone who has set goals and met them in their own way. We wanted a motivational speaker whose experiences could touch something in each of the graduates, opening up new possibilities and suggesting ways to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Grahak's speech surpassed our expectations. He came across as an approachable and genuinely nice person who has achieved extraordinary things. Not only the students but also the parents and staff in the audience related to Grahak in such a way that we could envisage setting our own goals and seeing them through. This is the magic of Grahak's skill as a speaker - by staying true to himself, he inspires us because we can imagine staying true to ourselves and still reaching our dreams. Thank you Grahak."

Sherene Strahan
Community Relations Manager
Helena College


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