Motivation for Staff in Your Workplace

We all know that motivated staff work harder and more efficiently.  Staff motivation is influenced by a number of factors including; having the right person in the right job; equipping staff with the right tools, technology and support and setting realistic targets that staff believe they can achieve.  You can’t be seen to be withdrawing from investing in your people. Invest in sales and marketing, launch new ideas or product lines, study up on effective incentives. Show staff you are responding to the challenges of today's business environment and support them. How else do you provide motivation for staff?  Below are some more tips.

  • Improve senior manager feedback and communication

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your people feel motivated and valued or to be motivational yourself. Quite often a telephone call from a senior manager congratulating a team member on a ‘good week’ is equally as effective as an offer of a training course or a gift voucher.  Remember senior managers of often the bearers of bad news as well as good. On the occasions you make decisions to protect the profitability of your business that may not be popular you need to communicate decision making clearly and responsibly. Communication in positive situations is extremely important for communicating in negative times. Celebrate success and be clear on what success is for your company or business.

  • Positive work force = pleased customers and happy staff

Provide a great environment to work in. Look after your staff the way you expect them to look after your clients or customers. Keep your employees happy by providing what they need in terms of training and genuine support. Give them positive messages where appropriate and constructive feedback where development is needed. Introduce things like an 'employee of the month' award. Reward them and place their photo in a framed picture, it always generates some conversation and smiles!

  • A positive attitude

It is vital team leaders and managers align their expectations and take into consideration the economic climate when setting targets and objectives. Management and team leaders must encourage their staff to raise their game to achieve attainable and realistic goals.  As obvious as it may sound, a major key to motivation and positive attitudes besides goal setting is to keep things fresh. Any job, however rewarding can become monotonous. Include daily or weekly rewards in your incentive programs. Welcome guest speakers or motivational speakers, take it in turns bringing in morning tea, anything to make the day a little different

  • Training

Training needs to be stimulating, direct and engaging. Good training keeps people up to date and focused on the job. Regular, effective and relevant training is a great motivator. If you want staff to perform properly and consistently then you have to give them the tools to do so. Training keeps people up to date and focused on the job at hand, it keeps their skills at the forefront and shows staff that management are obviously concerned with how well they do their job. If they are given good quality training that covers the topics and issues they are faced with then they will respond and motivate themselves to stick with what they learn.

  • Improve the work environment

Is the temperature your workers are in comfortable? Are the bins emptied regularly? Is the canteen serving healthy, great food? Simple things, but part of providing motivation for staff is that you need to make sure that the environment staff are working in is conducive to good performance. Everyone likes to work somewhere nice, modern and clean with up to date equipment and furniture.

  • Listen to your team

Achieving motivation for staff in your workplace comes through how one views motivation. Some think it is impossible to impose motivation upon people, you need to create an environment within which staff can (and will) motivate themselves. This environment comes through really listening to your team. You do not need to agree with everything they are thinking but you do need to understand why they feel certain ways. Understand what problems/worries staff are encountering, what opportunities they see, what is important to them. If you are involving your staff in more aspects of the business it creates more of a community or family feeling is in the workplace. It often results in some great ideas people can take ownership of. This is important in large companies in particular as staff do not always have the opportunity to do this, and therefore often feel as if their contributions and opinions do not matter.

  • Be careful with promotions

It's controversial. Do you promote from within or outsource. One of the most common areas of discussion is whether it is worth moving consistent, well-performing staff into management roles and away from the front line of what they do best. Often when these top performers are promoted to managing others, they are replaced by less talented individuals. Perhaps you have moved a great, independent worker into a management role they will find stressful and demotivating. Ultimately, the result is the business loses out on two fronts. Conversely you need to offer staff new positions that will challenge them in new ways. Weigh up the pros and cons and how team dynamics will be affected by new staff or new promotions.

  • Encourage staff to dress smartly

Even though customers or clients may not come face to face with all your staff, it is important for them to act and look professional at all times.  All staff must dress smartly. Putting on smart clothes for work puts you in a professional mindset which can also boost your business confidence and motivation. Gone are the days when the IT guy can wander in with an unironed shirt and look like they have just gotten out of bed! Having everyone dressed for success creates a much better environment for it to happen. Once a week or month have a casual dress day though to allow staff to come in comfortable clothes or express themselves.

  • Be motivational yourself

Inspire your staff to work hard and strive for success. Create a more vibrant atmosphere by introducing colour in the work space, use motivational images and pictures to brighten the area. These little, low-cost improvements can make a significant impact on your workforce.You know your staff better than anyone else; if you have new motivational ideas don’t be afraid to try them. Sometimes the simplest of changes can make a significant impact on employees’ working culture and attitude.

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Grahak Cunningham is a business keynote speaker and motivational speaker based in Australia, WA. He is a four time finisher of the worlds longest race which involves running for 18 hours a day for 50 days. Grahak travels domestically and internationally with running and his guest speaker presentations.



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