One of Australia's best motivational speakers, Grahak Cunningham is an ordinary Australian who dared to dream. Challenging himself to go beyond what he thought was possible, he knows we can accomplish anything.

As a four-time finisher and 2012 champion of the world's longest certified foot race and ultra marathon: the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, Grahak tours Australia and internationally with his acclaimed multimedia presentation.

Keynote presentations are adapted to the theme of your event, whether it is health and well-being, entertainment or leadership.Clients usually choose and adapt themes from the following presentations.
  • Resilience and Leadership: Driving Cultural Change
  • Transcending Your Best: Getting to Your Goals and Going Beyond Them
  • Maintaining Positivity in the Work Place: How to Win in Today's Busy World
  • Mental Toughness: What Does it Take?

His motivational keynote speaking presentations are perfect for opening, closing or after dinner addresses, conference presentations or whenever your staff need a boost.


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