Stress Management and Business

Ultra Running has a lot to do with stress management. The 3100 mile race is a microcosm of our normal lives. None of us function well under excessive worry and stress. It is pointless, achieves nothing and takes away energy. But in the beginning I got stressed all the time and it was the most damaging thing in the race. Physical stress on the body was causing all sorts of problems. My immune system was battling. My joints were swollen and bones ached yet this physical stress was tolerable: mental stress was worse. 

Congruously work stress causes:

  • a reduction in performance 
  • increased time away on sick leave
  • unnecessary confrontation and conflicts reducing team cohesion
  • take home stress reducing your work/life balance
  • impaired decision making
  • increased staff burnout and turnover

I know the secrets to maintaining concentration, focus and dynamism while managing and avoiding unnecessary stress. I was lucky to already have a lot of stress management techniques before I entered the race, skills I learnt from an early age that I could apply while running and at work to help with my health and well being. 

The Benefits of Stress Management in Business

  • reduces staff sick leave and turnover costs
  • improves staff output and performance
  • increases team cohesion and team building
  • improves competitiveness
  • stimulates creativity and innovation

Read more about stress management and exercise or call Australian motivational speaker and trainer Grahak Cunningham on +61405 179 551 to introduce a Staff Stress Management Training Plan in your workforce in half or full day sessions. 


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