Team Building Seminars

All of us have had situations in our employment history when we have been in pleasant and unpleasant team situations. I remember winning a new sales and marketing position with a large corporation. After a long two weeks of training and induction I was given a brief exam. Anonymously placed in the corner, hidden and out of the way in a partitioned office space,  I could hear everything going on around me but...nobody could see me. As the desk space was usually unoccupied, the regular workers didn't know I was there. It was fascinating. The amount of time spent by employees talking negatively about their co-workers was outstanding! And these were their supposed team mates! It was hard to concentrate on my exam (although I did eventually finish and pass it) and I couldn't help but think: What things led to this separativity? How would this affect individual business units and the overall business? What could be done to reverse this? Teams and departments can always be brought closer together to improve business outcomes and performance. Many problems come about if a team feeling is absent.

Team morale and cohesion becomes low

Staff are unmotivated and unhealthy. Sick leave wreaks havoc. Mental health and stress levels reach stretching point

Mentors and role models are absent or prefer to keep to themselves

Communication between departments and colleagues is poor

Sales and customer service suffers

Lack of synergy means team input, feedback and innovation does not happen

Management is seen as too separate from other divisions or roles

Surround Yourself With a Good Team

To achieve goals and targets everyone needs a good team surrounding them. As a professional trainer in team building, motivation and leadership, Grahak can help analyse, adapt and implement the necessary training and processes in your business to improve your team with measurable results.

Reduce costs on unnecessary staff turnover and sick leave

     Increase levels of staff satisfaction, performance, wellbeing and health

New changes and developments will be embraced 

Dialogue develops about improvement, growth, and innovation

Greater confidence in all forms of communication

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