Youth and Teen Motivational Speaker

Whilst he did complete the worlds longest race as fast as he could, Grahak's other running exploits have involved more free time and incorporated numerous school visits and youth speaking engagements. He has presented to and spoken to thousands of youth and school children both in Australia and internationally. It was leading international running teams on multi-day runs around Iceland and New Zealand and across the Nullarbor from Adelaide to Perth that Grahak learnt the value of speaking to today's children, youth and teachers about team work, time management, and achieving the correct work-life balance in life. Sharing the ideas of proper planning, goal setting, physical fitness, friendship and achieving our dreams, Grahak brings a message of inspiration not just information to his school and youth audiences. Presentations are tailored to varying age groups and desired outcomes and cover a diverse range of topics such as:
  • being your best
  • anti-bullying
  • fitness and the mind-body benefits
  • getting to your goals and going beyond them. 

Having Grahak as a youth speaker or keynote speaker at your school or forum event means not only having someone who has achieved in the academic and business world but also someone who is an endurance athlete that utilises qualities of determination, focus,patience and perseverance that we are all capable of harnessing. 

As a youth and teen speaker Grahak has a wealth of knowledge to impart to teens, teachers and school children. His own efforts of overcoming adversity and achieving his goals, resonate with all ages. If you are looking for a presenter to speak to your high school or youth group on the value of never giving up and rising above the negative pressures of today's world, feel to use the contact from to contact Grahak.

Australian motivational speaker and keynote speaker Grahak Cunningham is a four time finisher and 2012 winner of the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. It is the longest foot race on earth. In 2012 Grahak took week of his initial time with a personal best of 43 days, where he managed to run for 115 kilometres a day. Grahak has recently returned from running up Mount Kosciuszko. Contact Grahak Cunningham at info(at) or on +( 61) 405 179 551.


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