Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation – How to begin

The first time you step into a rehab center can be extremely daunting. But it is also the exact thing you need to jump start your journey towards sober living. This article will will talk about rehab programs and the alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, los angeles, that run them.

Rehab is a world without walls

The first thing you should know is that in rehab, you are not a prisoner. Ultimately, you can come and go as you please from the alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, los angeles. It does not even matter if you are in rehab by choice or as mandated by a sentence passed on by a judge. How, the criminal justice system deals with your disobedience though, is an entirely different matter.

This setup reflects how exactly the alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers los angeles works. A rehab is only effective if the patient is giving his all into his recovery. You have to make a commitment to stay true to the initial goals that you have set for yourself. If you are not going to give 100% effort, you could be wasting your money and everyone’s time. And this goes to any kind of medical rehab treatments. Regardless of how luxurious or how prestigious your center is, the only one that will help your speedy recovery is you.

What is a Detox

Detox is a shorthand for detoxification. Detoxification programs are often offered in house by some residential rehab facilities. Most rehab programs however which do not have one will ask you to first complete your detoxification before you come to them and begin your treatment. Simply put, treatment starts when you are no longer chemically craving for the substance you have abused.

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Today, these centers prefer to have their patients in-house where they will monitor and help them in their process of withdrawal. They have staff ready which specializes in dealing with specific kinds of dependency withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the patient, this process can be a week or longer. This transition often fluctuates and is usually proportional to how long that person have been abusing a substance.

Your home for sober living

Rehab facilities vary from center to center. Some centers has a summer camp feel which is often a welcome experience for troubled teens. And some are quite luxurious and expensive which can only be afforded by the richest people. Between these two extremes, there are plenty of choices that appear in the middle.

Insurance is the great equalizer as people would often say. This applies to alcohol and drug rehab as well. With backing from your insurance, you can afford to go above your means to get the best treatment possible. You have to keep in mind however that all the extravagance is just that. What is most important, is still, how determined you are in finally kicking the habit.

Rehab is a learning experience

It may not surprise you but teaching you is the primary objective of a rehab facility. It is the core component that all rehab programs have. And the way this is taught to you can vary from facility to facility. Part of this objective to make the person objectively judge himself. And later on, you find the part within you that is causing you the problem and finally rid yourself of that.

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It is not uncommon for drug and alcohol addicts to remain in denial even after entering themselves into rehab. They either believe they are not addicted at all, or do not accept how serious the predicament that they are in. They can also not really see the value of quitting their addiction. It is the duty of the alcohol and drug rehab centers to make you understand the dire situation that you are in and to encourage you to do your best.

You will also be taught about how alcohol, drugs and other substances affect you mentally, emotionally and physically. These are important steps to erase any uncertainties you may have about the effects of the abuse and to rid yourself of any doubts about the program.

Group and Individual Therapy

It is not uncommon that the first step that people often do in therapy is to receive one on one counseling from a medical practitioner who specializes in your addiction. This is mainly to set up a short and long term plan for your rehabilitation. Apart from this, you may still schedule regular individual meetings from therapists if that is more preferable to you. Most people, though, would rather engage in group therapy where they can hear about stories from other people going through the same problems that they have. There are both pros and cons for each approach and you should know which one suits you best.

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Most of these learning sessions will equip you with knowledge on how you will carry on with your life after becoming clean. You will learn more about yourself and know when you have to stop. You will recognize situations that usually ends up with you relapsing and you can decide to change your responses to these or to avoid them altogether. And as you go through multiple challenges, you will learn how to cope when the situation calls for it.

Group therapies work as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have proven time and time again. Apart from the experience sharing that goes with any kind of group therapy, both the AA and NA have developed a 12 step program that have been effective.

Sober living

After you finish your therapy and you finally taken back your old normal life, you will battling with another chapter of your life. But the threat of relapsing will never truly leave you. It is important to keep yourself in check and in any way, keep in touch with the program that helped you. They will assess you not only if you relapsed or not, but to see how far you have come.