How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

There are many reasons why teeth get discolored. It could be because of staining due to smoking and chewing tobacco or the frequent consumption of wine and coffee. Although there are many reasons why teeth become yellow, there is one thing that follows: becoming self-conscious. People with discolored teeth tend to hide their teeth, smile less, and even speak less to hide their teeth which can affect their daily life.

Many patients find that once they regain their smile, they regain their confidence. For this reason, professional teeth whitening done by a family dentist Reston VA based practitioner is a very popular dental procedure. While the procedure has made a lot of people happy, there are still some that wonder if it is worth it.

Here are some common questions asked and their answers about teeth whitening that can help you decide whether this procedure is something worth trying or not:

How Is Teeth Whitening Done?

The most common form of teeth whitening done at the dental office is professional bleaching. The family dentist Reston VA will first determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure before moving forward. If you are healthy and have excellent oral hygiene your dentist will most likely recommend teeth whitening.

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During the procedure, your gums will be guarded to protect them from the whitening product. Next, your dentist will apply the product on a tray that is specifically made for your teeth and fits your mouth perfectly.

What Is The Active Ingredient?

The common active ingredient used for teeth whitening is can either be carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The entire length of the treatment from start to finish can take up to four weeks because your dental team will make a customized mouth tray for the procedure. Once you are given the tray, you will be instructed to continue with whitening your teeth for two to four weeks at home. Specific instructions will be given on the frequency of application by your dentists.

How Long Will Teeth Stay White?

With successful treatment, professional whitening can last up to three years, but this can vary depending on your lifestyle and genetics. Smokers and coffee drinkers will find that the teeth whitening does not last long because of their habits. Be sure to have your personal lifestyle in mind before investing in any teeth whitening procedures.

Are There Side Effects To Worry About?

There are some patients who report experiencing increased tooth sensitivity at the start of their whitening treatment. Others can also experience gum discomfort and the formation of white patches along their gum line. These side effects should be temporary and normally fade in just a few days after treatment is completed.

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However, if side effects progress and cause more pain, you are advised to consult with your dentist right away.

Is It Safe?

Yes, professional teeth whitening is very safe as long as it is done by a skilled and licensed family dentist. If you are still concerned or unsure about proceeding with the treatment, speak to your dental care provider and ask more questions.

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