15 Heart-Touching Nails Art Ideas for Prom Girls

Prom night is special and memorable day in girl’s life when she desired to look gorgeous and hottest that every eye obligates to look you again and again. Manicure is one of the most essentials and top priority while preparing for prom part after selecting dresses, shoes, accessories. You hand define your personality and charm. So you have to pay full attention while adoring you hands. Nail polish glitz nails and adds zingy charm in her appearance.

Now in their decorating nails with different nail arts become a fashion. Simple nail coating loose it charm. There are enduring styling of applying nails art depend on your mood, personality, Dressing and style. Polka dots, Tip nails, rhinestones, glittery, leopard, plaid, and striped are common nail art design glow up manicure charm. Let come on to look the most sensational and killer prom nail trends to rock on prom party.

Try mix pattern to glitz

It’s prom worthy nail art best to show-off manicure charm in party. It adds glistering glow and sparkly accent in girl’s style. It’s adorable nail art if she’s going to wear golden or white dresses for prom part celebration. Apply white nail paint to all nail excepts ring finger as it adorn with coppered glittery nail paint to bring interesting and unusual touch. Adorn middle with golden glittery hearts while paste rhinestones on ring and other finger just like show in above photo. You can do it easily in just 5-10 minutes.

Glittery tip nails

It’s lovely and simple ideas to highlight manicure charm which sustain your natural beauty and prettiness. Just apply lustrous coat with quick dry top coat and tip wet nails in glitter or sprinkle shimmer on the nail tip to get neat look. It’s elegant and chic nail art best for beginner girls who have not ideas about nail art.

Rock on Caviar nails

Caviar is super edgy and glamourous trend to adorn nails I unusual way. You can adorn nails in different ways with cavair beads. Coated full anisl or just adorn the nails tip. Here we have wo different caviar nail opetion. First one is in black carvia nails fully adorn with vlack beads alsong with shimmery touch. Its bold and confident nails for prom. The second nails arr bring lively charm and best option if you are going to wear multi color prom dress. Here all rainbow caviar beaded mix together and thickly coated on nails.

Rehinestone nails in dual color

Glittery and glowing nail art is enthralling and magnificent option for prom party celebration. Prom parties are celebrated at night so apply a nail art which glow in light. Here the gorgeous girls get glamorous look by applying gold and red nail paint along with rhinestone embellishment. Both hand nails are individually adorn spectacularly. Right hand is in golden hues half simple and half decorated with rhinestones. While left hand is in red and golden hues. Middle and pink finger is in gold white index and ringer finger is in red with golden rhinestone adornment.

Eye-popping prom nails

Nails are the statement and visible part of the hand has greater impact of your styling. Prom is special function so adorn you nails with this sober and graceful nails art. Coated nails with dove or elephant grey nails paint and they draw half star starts from the sides. It’s dreamy nails art for prom parties. I love this spectacular nails design.

Hot red nail art

Get kittle and seductive manicure charm while applying this whimsical and enthralling nail art which glow square tip nails. Just apply red nail pants in irregular form over the fresh manicured nails. It’s look like you through color over the canvas. It mini-bellowing ideas for prom party preparation never let down you glamorous style.

Pink nails with glittery bottoms

There is lot of ideas yet here I unleash it most appealing yet simple nails art which is good for teen girls get ready for their first prom. There is no need of extra effort and time while apply this glittery bottom nails art. Simply coated nails with pink nails polish twice for neat look and then adorn the bottoms with golden glittery chunks.