The Real Reasons Why People Favorite your Tweet

So, you are happy that someone automatically favorites all your tweets? You will be surprised to know that people give all sorts of reasons as to why they favorite certain posts. There are genuine twitter followers who love your posts, but there are a ton of creepy, fake and crushes out there trying to communicate to you through the favorite icon. Read below to learn about all these characters and what they mean to you.

They are Interested in Specific Keywords

Most marketers and brand promoters set their twitter accounts to automatically favorite tweets with certain hash tags. They do this to reach out to specific target markets without hassling too much. So, the next time you find out that a marketing company has a habit of auto favoriting your posts; don’t be too excited. They are simply trying to reach out to you to become one of their customers.

They want to steal your content

With almost no rules to curb plagiarism on social platforms like twitter, lazy people find their next tweets on twitter. They scheme through people’s tweets and favorite those with interesting content. You are probably a victim of this kind of auto favoriting. Most people hate it, and you probably do. However, not everyone is displeased about. Knowing that your content is good enough for someone to want to tweet it can be uplifting. And it’s probably why so many twitter users don’t care much when they find their original posts tweeted somewhere else.

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They admire you

You think everyone who follows you is a great fan of what you post? Think again. Some of your most avid twitter followers have a crush on you. They are the first to favorite your post. They will retweet and send supportive tweets to you every now and then. You know? They simply find you attractive, and they communicate their feelings with their automatic favorites.

They acknowledge you, but can’t reply at the moment

Favoriting a message lets you keep it for reading later. It is the easiest way to save a tweet you loved. It also happens that when you are busy and you can’t immediately reply to a tweet, it is best to favorite it. Most people do this particularly when in the poor habit of scrolling through social media while driving. At work, you can also see several tweets whose content you love, and favoriting them will help you revisit them for later reading in the evening.

Sarcastic Favorite

If you are a polite and respectful twitter user, chances are you have not experienced this kind of automatic favorite. However, ask your friends and they will tell you they do this to annoying people all the time. People sarcastically favorite tweets to people they don’t want to engage with. You don’t want to engage with them, but sarcastically favoriting the person’s tweets will send a passive aggressive message that you are not interested in the conversation.

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