How to Style a Mohawk Haircut

A mohawk haircut is a great way to show off your wild side. This hair style is often associated with classic punk rock, but it’s versatile enough for almost anyone!

Guys with thick hair will find this style a breeze, but even those with thin locks can achieve a striking look with the right styling products. Just remember to use medium or firm hold gel.

Long ’hawk

A long mohawk is a bold style that can be used to make a statement. It works well for men with wavy, curly or straight hair. It can be worn tousled or combed over, depending on your mood. This style is also known as a Viking mohawk, and it has a strong Viking feel to it. The sides of the head are shaved with a high fade, but the top is left longer.

A taper fade creates a subtle contrast that makes this mohawk style look polished and refined. It’s perfect for gents who are into grunge styles and want to stand out. Just be sure to use the right hair products to keep your hair in place. This will prevent it from becoming crunchy or hard.

Spiky ’hawk

The spiky ’hawk is a variation of the mohawk that is less intense than its counterpart. This style features a fade on the sides and long hair on top, which is then combed into a crest with gel. This is a great alternative to the full mohawk if you are not ready to commit to such a fierce look.

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This haircut combines a taper fade with a mohawk to create a cool look that is perfect for the professional guy who’s a punk at heart. The short sides and the longer buzz cut in the middle give off a modern, clean look, while the spiky top adds rockstar vibes. This style can also be accentuated by edgy line detail on the sides to further enhance its visual appeal.

Straight ’hawk

A straight mohawk is a more subtle version of the classic mohawk haircut. It requires less hair products than a regular mohawk and is much easier to style. However, it is not as effective at creating a dramatic look. This style also tends to blend in with the rest of the head’s hair, so it is important to keep the sides short.

This style is a good option for those with thick hair, which can be easily shaped into a mohawk. It is not recommended for men with thin or fine hair, as it can produce a choppy appearance.

The classic mohawk has plainly shaved sides and a long middle section. It was originally worn by Native Americans as a symbol of courage and power, but it has since become popular among punk rockers. There are several variations of this cut, including the faux mohawk and the taper fade mohawk.

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How to Style a Mohawk Haircut

Fade ’hawk

When you’re not ready to commit to getting your sides shaved off for a full mohawk, try this stylish variation. The middle section is kept long, and the top is shaved down to a neat fade and styled into a spiky shape. This look is great for a casual, outgoing style.

This haircut is a blend of a mohawk and a pompadour. It starts with a clean fade and gets progressively wider as it goes back, making it easy to distinguish from other mohawk styles. It’s a great way to show off your natural hair texture and create a cool, angular look.

A short mohawk with a fade is a perfect choice for guys who want to give off a rebellious, edgy vibe without sacrificing their length. This cut allows you to style the bottom portion however you like, and it’s also easier to maintain than a longer mohawk.

Classic ’hawk

The classic mohawk has long hair on top with shaved sides. This eye-catching style is perfect for gents who want to channel their inner rebel. Use a strong-hold gel or pomade to create spiky, bold style. This look is typically worn with a fade or burst haircut to create an edgy and unique appearance.

If you’re hesitant to try out an audacious rock-inspired style, consider a more refined version of the mohawk: the short mohawk. This tempered look features a taper fade on the sides and a versatile longer cut on top, making it easier to maintain and suitable for formal events.

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Faux hawks are another less dramatic take on the mohawk, with a subtler contrast between short sides and a longer strip on top. This style is an excellent choice for gents who prefer a more conservative look, or those who cannot conform to the standards of their workplace.