Trendy Bride Kaleera Designs and Their Significance

Wedding is undoubtedly unforgettable and the most beautiful celebration which consist of many rituals and ceremonies. So rituals are religious and some reach to us from culture. Indian wedding are more joyous and entertaining as there are many thing to explore. The promising ‘kaleera’ or ‘kalire’ has significant importance in Indian Punjabi weddings which bride wear day on her wedding as a blessing for countless happiness in her newlyweds life. The kaleera also wear to generate internal love between the couple going to get tie into a universal relationship. What is kaleera? Surely this question comes into mind after knowing it significance. Kaleera is actually gold or silver made hanging ornament that tie around bride wrist with chooda and bangles. Bride sister or friends wear it o brides. It’s a versatile and loveable compliment to bride wedding lehenga that hard to miss. Further this kaleera has importance for bridesmaid and other girls because after wedding bride tries to drop kaleera on the head of bridesmaid. She will the luckiest girls supposed to be married next whose head touch kaleera.

Modern bride kaleera

Basically kaleera refer to Punjabi and Himachai wedding but now there no specification about kaleera. Now we see it everywhere. Step forward toward kaleera designs. Kaleera in modern fashion come in variety of designs. Umbrella shaped charm used to decorate kaleera just like jhumka. Beautiful and enchanting kaleera surely infuse magnificent vibe to bride look. Let move to our latest bride kaleera collection that definitely make you swoon-over.

Statement chandelier kaleera

Chandelier like hanging kaleera is in timeless variety span from simplest to sophisticated designs. Tiny to larger umbrella shapes involve designing traditional kaleera which represent to prosperity and plenty of love for bride in her new journey with beloved husbands. Kaleera in gold are extremely awesome match with any color and style either worn traditionally to tame-up unconventional looks.

Punjabi bride kaleera

Modern day kaleera are very attractive from those find in past. Different material used to adorn bride kaleera such as gold, silver, antique silver, metal, shells, beads and crystal decorative kaleera are on the hit list. Kaleera made with hand by brides family or friend has more attraction as it reflect the love, well wishes and affection which wave into the kaleera.

Colorful hand beaded kaleera

Don’t relay over gold and metal kaleera. There are endless options when come to kaleera selection. This captures my heart and deeply touches to soul. Hand beaded and petite ribbon flower made kaleera exciting option to add lively pops of color into wedding look.

Gold and maroon kaleera

Explore unique and signature style kaleera and don’t forget to add them it wedding photography. That’s lovely thing to make fun and joy. Mehendi decorative hand with beautiful kaleera and chooda create fantastic pose for snapshoot which always reminds you happiest moment of your life.

Gold leafy pattern kaleera

Leafy and umbrella shaped mix together for an enchanting gold kaleera designing. It’s catchier ornament make bride look fancier.